I am Ashok Gautham Jadatharan, a senior engineer in NVIDIA’s CPU team in Bangalore. I am exploring applications of machine learning to CPU/SOC verification. I previously worked on performance validation of CPU cores. I have also worked on writing fuzzers for binary rewriters and ARM architecture validation. I am proficient in C, Aarch64 assembly, Python, and am generally good at picking up new tools and languages.

I previously worked in IBM Research under the prestigious BlueScholar programme and contributed to several prototypes, a paper and a patent in AI planning, service delivery automation, natural language processing, and. I have also worked on characterizing synchronization techniques as my master’s thesis in IIT Madras

This blog

It has been a long time since I maintained a blog - I used to have a fairly good looking one in the past but got lost with work. Recently, I have started learning machine learning and it was a good point to start tracking and sharing what I learn from the perspective of a professional who has never dabbled with anything AI/ML related.

The name branch to self started out as a play on the subdomain b .1 which incidentally is [branch-to-self] instruction in Aaarch64 (b is the direct unconditional branch, and the target location is . - the current location). I thought it was supremely witty to call it that when I created the hugo config.toml file for this site. On second thought, it wasn’t that funny, but by now, it had grown a few more layers of meaning:

  • introspection
  • the feeling of being caught in a hamster wheel
  • an olive branch to myself (symbolizing inner-peace and forgiveness)

  1. If you are on this site through anything other than it is a facet of me not being able to set up a redirect from that to ↩︎